(Review originally written at 26 October 2010)

To be honest, I'm just not the biggest fan of Japanese horror movies because of the simple reason once you have seen one of them you have basically seen them all already. All of the genre movies are more or less being the same but every now and then they do something original and unexpected, with this movie as a great example of that.

In the beginning of this movie it's being quite unclear which directing the movie is heading toward. It began sort of good but formulaic and it only took a turn and different shape at about its half way point. After that moment the movie really took off and became a real great and fascinating one to watch. It's really not a typical horror movie, due to its original approach of the story.

I really like the concept of this movie and once Hollywood will start to notice this movie they will deem it interesting and original enough for an American remake, no doubt about that. It's really not a typical average ghost or killer type of story. The movie actually has lots of different horror elements in it, which all work out great together as well. It also helps to keep the movie an unpredictable one.

It's also really a very well made movie. It's a little movie, that without a doubt did not had an awful lot of money to spend but nevertheless it's a very good and highly professionally looking one. The directing is just great and the movie really manages to create a great dark and tense atmosphere. The build up in some of the sequences is just great.

The movie also has some very original killings in it. So horror lovers that are getting fed up with seeing the same type of- and unimaginative killings over and over again should be able to appreciate what this movie is doing with its killings. It's quite insane and of course everything is far from likely but I was absolutely loving it all.

An unexpectedly great and enjoyable original movie with its genre.


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