(Review originally written at 30 May 2008)

It seems like an impossible thing to create a non-scary movie with a concept such as 'The Ring' but they really achieved it with this movie. "The Ring Two" is a stylish but flawed horror movie.

It's pretty much a movie that got done in the same style as the first movie "The Ring". Only this time without director Gore Verbinski at the helm. His replacement is Japanese director Hideo Nakata who also directed the original Japanese movie "Ringu" and "Ringu 2".

This movie is not based on "Ringu 2" though and it picks a totally different story. Perhaps sort of too bad, since I actually quite liked "Ringu 2" as a sequel to "Ringu", while in its return the first movie "The Ring" was still a remake of the Japanese "Ringu".

Even though "The Ring" was not THE best genre movie ever made, it still was one of the scariest movies you'll ever see in your lifetime. It's not as if this movie doesn't try it but "The Ring Two" just never seems to become a scary one to watch. The movie is more scary and better with its style than it is with its actual horror moments. The timing seems off, which causes the movie its scare moments not to work out.

Problem also simply is its story, that just never gets believable enough and relies too much on its supernatural elements and special effects that go with it. The story just never really sucks you in, which is also part of the reason why the horror doesn't really work out, even though the movie still features pretty much he same characters and actors.

Naomi Watts does her very best and there is no denying that she's a great actress but she can't help to make this movie any more believable. Cast additions this time are there in the form of Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole and Sissy Spacek but well, there roles aren't really big or significant enough to leave a true impression.

It's not like this is the worst genre movie ever made but nevertheless it's sort of a dud and especially disappointing when compared to the first movie "The Ring".


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