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Watch out! The Gill-man is back! "Creature from the Black Lagoon" already was a very average monster-movie. It was an irresistible movie in a way because of its typical '50's monster movie clumsiness and obvious fake sets and costumes but by no means a classic in my opinion, unlike lots of others seem to feel about it.

There really isn't an awful lot happening in the movie. Mostly the movie is about the Gill-man sitting and swimming in circles in a aquarium. It's mostly laughable when the Gill-man attacks, because he looks and acts so totally clumsy when he does so. Also when he's on land, he doesn't look or acts that dangerously. In the end the movie turns too much into a rehash of the first movie.

Just like in the original was the case, the movie its most exciting moments are set underwater. The underwater shots are truly beautiful and are still among the best to feature in any movie.

The story is at all times kept very simple, like you would expect from a B-monster movie. Same goes for the dialog and acting, that is painfully hilarious at times. The movie is filled with some hilarious pieces of dialog that will make you chuckle for sure, such as when Helen gets interviewed for the radio and also pay attention to what the park-announcer all has to say when the Gill-man has escaped from his aquarium.

The movie is mostly memorable for one thing; it features Clint Eastwood in his first ever movie role, in a role that's about just as big as in the other Jack Arnold B-monster movie "Tarantula". It's also sort of fun to see Captain Lucas from the first movie return in this one, even though his role is very limited.

Not really any better or worse than the original, though perhaps a bit sillier. B-monster movie lovers will still get a blast out of it though.


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