(Review originally written at 5 April 2009)

This is a rather weak and lame that tries to combine comedy with gory zombie-horror. Problem is that the balance between these two different genres isn't very good, meaning that the movie doesn't work out the way it was supposed to.

The idea was pretty good, the execution of it however really wasn't. The movie can be seen as on 'unofficial' sequel to the George A. Romero movie "Night of the Living Dead" and its sequels. Those movies of course already had a healthy dose of comedy in them and this movie tried to take its comedy one step further. The comedy is however to lame to consider it funny really, which is also due to its fairly poor production values and poor actors involved.

The movie is rather cheap looking and there really isn't enough gore or good make-up involved to please any zombie movie/gore fan. It has a bit of a B-movie feel and look over it, which of course gets also strengthened by its silly script and comedy.

The character are often more annoying then likable enough which, again, is due mostly to its weak writing and lame comedy. Seriously, this movie features the type of jokes and dialog that seems to be written by an 10-year old, in just one afternoon.

I like horror and I like cult-horror perhaps even better. This movie however really doesn't deserve to become a cult-horror classic. It's far too lame and weakly made for that.

If you want to see a good and above all effective cross of comedy and zombies just stick to "Shaun of the Dead".


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