(Review originally written at 16 October 2009)

I can see how for the dance lover this could be the ultimate movie, I'm however just not a dance lover and therefore can also not enjoy this movie as fully as others. Still you don't have to be a dance lover to appreciate this movie and it's well choreographed and filmed dance sequences.

In its essence its basically a movie about the rise and fall of a ballet dancer. A star is being made of a young woman but her stardom comes with a price. She has to sacrifice certain things to keep her career going and she wonders throughout if it's all really worth it.

Well, I'm probably making the movie sound deeper than it really is, for foremost "The Red Shoes" remains an accessible movie at all times, that is steadily being told. The movie benefits from its well written story and it of course also had the good fortune that it had Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, two of the movie visually impressing directors of their time.

A Powell and Pressburger is always something grand and special. They already started making movies in color when most big studios were still a bit reluctant, also due to the higher cost of the whole process of course. Visually the movies are always something special and with basically every sequences they did their very best to make it come across as something visually spectacular. They also knew how to tell a relatively simple story as something epic. The drama is being handled very well throughout the movie and the characters are being portrayed greatly.

Mainly due to its subject- not my favorite Powell and Pressburger movie but it remains a visually and technically superb made one as well as with some great story-telling and writing in it.


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