(Review originally written at 23 November 2007)

This is not a movie though. It simply is just a parody trailer of "The Sum of All Fears". But for what it is, it's pretty good and enjoyable. It's a cleverly edited movie, that mixes real footage from "The Sum of All Fears" and parody shot footage, with a small slice of other movies and real life people as well, in an of course humorous way.

Of course it doesn't have any high production values. The sound is pretty messed up, there is a lack of costumes and convincing enough looking settings and all. But this lack or professionally makes it all work out even more sillier and therefor more funny as well. No way a seriously, expensive made spoof would had worked as effective as this little film. I mean, just look at "Epic Movie", do I need to say more?

There are many funny moments stuffed into 3 minutes time. Most of them are so simplistic and lame that you can't help but laugh at them. But it has some original and unexpected moments in it as well to make you laugh.

Worth checking out.


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