(Review originally written at 26 February 2007)

Science-fiction movies from the '50's are obviously not known for being subtle or their brilliantness. Many people would often think about Ed Wood- and Ed Wood type of Z-movies when mentioning '50's science-fiction. This movie tries to be different by putting in thriller elements, that work out effective and make this a successful and enjoyable movie to watch.

The movie and its story is obviously inspired (too much) by the horror/science-fiction movie "The Thing from Another World". Both movies show more than a few similarities and even the main plot line is comparable. Both feature plant like aliens that have come to Earth and of course cause mayhem. So no, "The Quatermass Xperiment" isn't exactly the most original movie but nevertheless the movie is good enough and still offers plenty of original genre elements to consider this a good and certainly enjoyable early science-fiction from the Hammer Studio's.

The story however features a bit too many implausibilities and clumsiness's to take the movie and its story very serious. For instance why exactly does the wife of Carroon wants to take her husband home, knowing the strange condition that he is in? There are a couple of more moments in the movie that don't exactly help to make this the most credible or clever movie around.

The movie has an overall good tension and atmosphere. Especially the mystery of the movie is well build up and constructed. The movie takes its time and does a good job to let the story and its mystery and suspense develop. It provides the movie with some great moments and a satisfying finale.

The movie is atmospherically shot in black & white, with the atmospheric London as the backdrop for the movie and the movie has some good enough early effects and make-up.

Richard Wordsworth has great physical looks for the movie its 'monster'. None of the other actors however really impress, which is sort of OK and suiting for a genre movie like this one.

It all in all is a good and well constructed and enjoyable early refreshing science-fiction thriller.


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