(Review originally written at 28 February 2010)

Well, well, well, the Prophecy-movies are certainly ones that seem to get better and better to watch. I didn't liked the first movie and thought that the second one was just OK. This one at least is more exciting and entertaining to watch, though it still is far from a great movie itself.

Seems like they actually got to spend some money this time on the movie. Visually the movie is good looking and it has a nice overall style and some standout visual sequences.

It also certainly helps that the movie that it has plenty of action in it. It gives the movie lots of pace and make it a pleasant and at times also exciting one to watch. Seems that the movie its action got mostly inspired by the success of the first "The Matrix" movie but that's OK really.

I still don't understand though why these movies all need to be so confusing and hard to follow. They are hard to follow not because they are deliberately complicated or brilliant written but because of the opposite really. It are some really messy stories and the director seems to have an hard time trying to tell the story. The whole idea behind the movies of having angels battling each other on Earth but the way it all gets presented in these movies make it hard to keep interest in them. It's far instance really hard to say who are supposed to be the good and bad guys in this one and what it is that they want, also of course due to the fact that this is something about its characters that constantly changes throughout the movie.

The movie rapidly starts to get worse as it heads toward its ending. At this point the movie its story isn't even trying anymore it seems. It all becomes quite bad and you simply stop caring what is exactly going on because of it.

I also don't really know why Christopher Walken got pushed a bit to the background this time. He pops up ever now and then but once you start thinking about it; was he really needed in this movie? He must have felt the same way, since this was the last movie out of the series in which he appeared. He is the foremost reason why the series ever became such a fairly popular one in the first place. He's still great and fun though in the sequences that he is in. He still looks weird though with that long fake hair.

Far from anything too great but it's more watchable and entertaining than the previous movies out of the series, I have to give the movie credit for that.


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