(Review originally written at 9 June 2010)

As far as the genre goes, this is hardly the worst movie to watch out there. But just like its original it's also far from the best. It's not very original and it doesn't seem to know what it wants to do and be, which strangely enough was also something that the 1980 original movie suffered from, even though both movies are very different from each other in story and approach.

This movie basically has very little to do with the 1980 movie "Prom Night", which starred Jamie Lee Curtis. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing though. The original movie also really wasn't a great one to begin with. It's basically only a sequel in name and only basically uses the idea of letting murders take place during a prom night. The story and all of its characters are totally different and so is the killer, which is not a good thing though.

Thing about its killer is that we know who it is. We see him commit all of the murders and we even know what his motivations are. So there is totally no mystery about it who is the killer in this movie, which already takes away lots of the movie its tension as well. It besides isn't a very strong villain. He doesn't act very smart and only seems to unnecessarily get himself into more trouble when he needlessly kills lots of people. The actor besides didn't impressed me, as did none of the actors in this movie really.

It's one of those movies in which a bunch of teenagers get portrayed by people in their 20's. They are over-the-top ridiculously beautiful and perfect and are all oh so friendly all of the time. The characters were all quite annoying, though I must admit that I kind of liked Kellan Lutz in this, though his role is extremely small. All of the actors are kind of acting in this as if they are big stars already who are going to make it big time. I have some news for them; no one is going to know who you are in 10 years from now and no one knows who you are now either by the way. Except for Kellan Lutz, who I for some reason predict a great future, most likely in the action genre.

The story doesn't really provide the movie with much originality. The movie isn't really being a slasher, which should be a big disappointment for the genre fans but I have no clue as well what the movie is being. Not scary, not bloody, not surprising...I know what the movie is not being. It's a very cliché filled movie that doesn't even handle its clichés well. A lacking movie that can perhaps be best described as a teenage-thriller, without thrills and real teenagers though.

But nothing about this movie makes me say that it's a completely horrible or unwatchable one. It's lacking on basically every department yes, but nothing about it makes me hate this movie. Perhaps it's just that I have seen some far worse movies. But anyway, no, it's not a movie that I would ever recommend to anybody watching.


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