(Review originally written at 6 July 2007)

The idea of the movie is interesting but also a dilemma. How to bring a movie about smell to the screen? The movie does this well, by creating an unique atmosphere, that is visually focused on the smells in the movie, to help and tell the story and make it understandable.

You can say what you want about this movie but you have to admit that it's pure eye-candy to look at. Every sequences is unique on its own, with its fantastic visual looks. Big kudos to the cinematography, make-up, sets and costumes of the movie. Also the musical score is suiting for the movie its feeling.

By watching this movie it becomes very obvious that it was based on a book. The movie does not really have one clear main plot line, in terms of having a beginning, middle and ending that all fit in with each other. It makes the movie a bit frustrating and overlong to watch at times, since it just isn't clear were the movie is trying to head to. It doesn't make "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" the most easy movie to watch, although it definitely more accessible than the marketing and whole hype surrounding the movie suggest it is. Though I don't think I want to watch this movie again any time soon.

It's a well directed movie and Tom Tykwer does a good job at keeping the story as 'down to Earth' as possible, with the exception of 2 or 3 sequences, that were too significant and complicated to bring it to the screen in a simple way. Nevertheless, it in essence is a pretty unusual and inaccessible story, that is made perfectly understandable and accessible, due to the movie its directing. Seems like Tom Tykwer has a great future ahead of him.

Can't say that I was always too happy about Ben Whishaw as the main lead of the movie. No, I don't think Ben Whishaw will grow into become a great well known actor. The supporting cast is significantly better with actors such as Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman, with John Hurt as the movie its narrator.

All in all an unique viewing experience, that isn't among the best movies of the year but nevertheless is a real recommendable one.


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