(Review originally written at 15 May 2009)

Well this is hardly the best genre movie you'll ever see but this movie is also yet better to take than some other similar type of movies from within the genre.

The movie can be called mildly entertaining, fore it's not really a movie that will make you laugh out loud. The movie is just too standard, predictable and just too plain lame for that. It uses lots of recycled and predictable comical moments, as well as some fat and racist jokes, like you can expect from such a movie like this one. Yet the movie is not as annoying as it probably sounds. It will entertaining you throughout, though you'll also constantly have the feeling that you could spend your time some better way probably.

The movie is like a simplistic comical version of "Die Hard" in which an overweight loser mall cop gets right in the middle of a dangerous hostage situation which only he as an insider can resolve, when a couple of crooks take over the mall for all of its money that is in the safes and registers.

It basically has all of the ingredients you can expect from such a movie like this one, including a love interest, a bully and a main character that is a big loser. No, it's not very surprising or original all but it's quite entertaining enough to still consider this a somewhat watchable movie.


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