(Review originally written at 7 March 2007)

This is a very entertaining, without potential, simple comedy in which Peter Sellers is given almost complete carte blanche.

The movie has a very simple premise and is for most part set at only one location; The Clutterbuck-residence, were a typical Hollywood party is going on, to which Hrundi V. Bakshi (Peter Sellers) by mistake is also invited to, after already blowing up the set of a movie he was acting in.

It's obvious that most of the movie was improvised, as they went along. For most part the movie isn't heading anywhere and consists only out of the one comical event after the other. It makes the movie unique, pleasant to follow and often hilarious but nevertheless the movie is definitely underwritten, so it's both the movie its strongest and weakest point. The movie is lacking a clear main plot and an idea were the movie is heading to. It does make the movie at points a bit tiresome and dragging perhaps, which also causes to make some of the elements in the movie to not work out as intended to.

Nevertheless, its fine mostly improvised comedy sequence are often hilarious to watch and make this movie very well worth watching. Most of the sequence are very long in which not always much is happening but its still made hilarious, through the timing and acting of Peter Sellers.

Which other actor could successfully and effectively perform slapstick comedy in movies other than made in the '20/'30's/'40's? Peter Sellers is given total liberty here to show his skill and talent. This is a Peter Sellers movie like no other. He already plays a great and hilarious naive Indian character, that pursuits an acting career in Hollywood but thanks to his acting the character and the movie becomes all the more hilarious.

The movie does not only have slapstick humor, with a whole bunch of crazy characters but it also features smart well thought out- and executed comical moments, that suit the movie its crazy and light atmosphere perfectly. This is really one crazy party that is wilder than your imagination.

Yes. it are its moments that makes this movie such a great and memorable comedy. This is a movie with moments in it, nothing more, nothing less. But nevertheless it are its moments that makes this movie such a great and really memorable one to watch. It also makes this movie a too unknown Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers collaboration, that really deserves to be seen and known better.


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