(Review originally written at 21 December 2008)

This type of movies were very popular in the late '30's and early '40's. Lots of classics were made during that time period and lots of actors got launched to stardom, thanks to movies like this. However as far as '40's screwball comedies are concerned; this really isn't the best movie that the genre has to offer. Sure, it's all good and fun but it's just lacking this bit of cleverness and true hilarity.

Blame the script for this. Mostly these type of movies are brilliantly constructed story-wise and its main characters stumble from the one odd and hilarious situation into the other. Same is also the case with this movie but it just isn't quite all as hilarious and well flowing as you would expect.

Some sequences are too long and too often the movies stays too much at the same place. This is the foremost reason why it feels as if this movie isn't always flowing that well. As an indirect result of this, some characters feel like they are being used, while others feel like they are being overused. The story often feels like it could had made its point earlier and reached what it tried to achieve much earlier. Because of this it takes awhile for the story to really get off the ground.

Sure, it's still a fun and entertaining movie to watch though. It's nothing too hilarious but good enough nevertheless for more than a couple of laughs. The fans of the genre will therefore also not be disappointed with this movie. Guess I'm just not Preston Sturges' biggest fan when it comes down to his screwball comedies. I also thought his other acclaimed screwball comedy "Sullivan's Travels", which he made one year prior to this movie, is a tad bit overrated.

Both movies also star Joel McCrea, who wasn't the biggest actor within the game but he nevertheless is a great leading man, with also the right psychics. Not really sure why he never really truly broke through like an actor. He's mostly known for his work in some early westerns.

It's all good and fun but there are some better genre movies to watch out there in my opinion.


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