(Review originally written at 19 December 2008)

It's quite obvious that the whole Austin Powers franchise got based on the Flint movie. It even references to it itself. Both franchises are certainly also comparable in its style and comedy but of course with a difference that this movie is not just set in the '60's but it actually got made during the '60's. Just like the Austin Powers movies this movie also makes fun of the James Bond franchise, which had only started years prior to this movie.

The movie features some crazy silly gadgets and random action sequences, that are quite good looking considering this movie is from 1965. An era when there wasn't really such a thing as the 'action' genre, at least not in the way we know it today. The movie has a typical '60's atmosphere, with its sets and costumes and is good looking.

The movie stars some actors you normally wouldn't expect to see in a comedy such as this one; most notably of course James Coburn and Lee J. Cobb. Their more serious acting style isn't of course really consistent with normal comedy acting (well, it's not exactly like their playing their roles with a straight face though) but this makes it work all the more funny within this movie. After all, some of the best comedy roles are often being played by 'serious' actors.

It's a fun movie to watch and certainly a great time-killer but the movie by no means is a classic. Also as far as Jamed Bond spoofs are concerned, this movie isn't really among the best.

One of the problems I had with this movie was its story. It's a real simple comedy story, that never succeeds in becoming truly engaging. It's quite formulaic and predictable all. Nevertheless its whole global warming plot line seemed to be ahead of its time, although global warming in this movie is being used as a terrorist threat, when some scientist succeed at controlling the weather.

I must say I liked the sequel "In Like Flint" better.


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