(Review originally written at 9 November 2009)

This was simply a very entertaining movie to watch, even though the early, big studio's, musical genre isn't my favorite one.

The concept is what's making this movie very entertaining. It's about three sailors hitting the big apple for the first time on their shore leave. They all want to do different things but eventually everyone of them ends up with a girl, that show them the fun sides of New York but also gets them in trouble, also to the boy's their own doings of course.

Guess that the movie it's story could had been a bit more entertaining though, by adding some more places and perhaps characters as well. The movie now at times shows still more potential that eventually actually gets seen in the movie. Some small additions could had made this a perfect 'sit back and enjoy' movie. It was as if they hadn't paid the most attention to its story and were more focused on its musical aspects instead.

Fore "On the Town" above all things remains of course a musical. Not to not make this a musical when you have both Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in the lead roles. This movie was their third collaboration together and would also be their last one, as the musical genre was already starting to come to an end at the time of this movie. It could be just a coincidence but their pairings also form some of the more entertaining movies within the genre, that are hard not to like.

Also it's musical numbers are quite good actually. Normally I'm not too fond of these old fashioned musical stuff but this movie has some great songs in it and some of the actors show some fine dancing, such as also actress Ann Miller.

A very entertaining movie that still had even more potential in it really.


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