(Review originally written at 23 December 2007)

Basically this movie is a great, fun, quality way to spend 2 hours.

The whole script and 'criminal plan' in it is not as cleverly or solid constructed as in the first movie, so fans of the first, don't expect another "Ocean's Eleven". The movie doesn't really have a clear main plot, since you as a viewer also don't know exactly how the plan is going to work out. It isn't really the sort of a movie with a clear beginning, middle and end. It's more the sort of movie with a story that just 'happens', in which events just happens as they come along. It also adds to the unpredictability of the movie, which is of course on the other hand a good thing.

It's again a greatly directed movie, with some great and unique classy style of its own, that shall remind you the most of movie's from the old days. The movie is good looking and fast paced, which makes the 2 hours go by without really realizing it.

It was great to see Al Pacino in a role such as this. He hadn't played a real villain for far too long! In this movie he can basically let himself go, but without ever really doing so, in order to not totally outclass the rest of the cast, that are after all the real heart of the series and are what the movies are all about. All of the other 'eleven' actors also appear in this movie again. It's obvious they still have just as much fun playing together as they did when they first started in 2001. That is the foremost reason why it's not unthinkable that more sequels will follow in the future, which will most likely also be directed again by Steven Soderbergh, who also seems to get along with the cast just fine. It's the fun and the fun that the actors obviously had playing together in this movie. that makes "Ocean's Thirteen" also such a fun movie to watch. Especially George Clooney and Brad Pitt seem to have really found each other.

No, nothing too impressive or memorable but as long as your expectations for it aren't too high and you're not expecting another "Ocean's Eleven", you'll simply have a fine and fun time watching this and therefor this is a real recommendable movie.


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