(Review originally written at 5 July 2010)

I like the occasional weird, experimental, psychedelic movie. I like most of Luis Buñuel's movies, movies like "El topo", Jörg Buttgereit movies, I even liked a movie that had a camera going back and forth all of the time but man, I just did not liked "O Ritual dos Sádicos" very much at all.

Thing with this movie is that I just can't even look at it as a movie. For more than halve of it, this movie consists out of loose never used film stock sequences being thrown together. All of these sequences are like '60's soft-core porn black & white ones, that are badly edited and shot. Most moments are just plain weird, it's not hard to see how they ended up on a big pile of never used film-stock. It's a real bad and extremely cheap way of film-making. The movie just never feels as a whole, not even when the movie starts to throw in some own shot material, featuring José Mojica Marins, who also 'directed' this movie. He's known as Zé do Caixão, or under the English name Coffin Joe and has appeared in a lot of Brazilian horror productions as that very same character.

I like it when a movie goes all trippy and has some great visuals and dream look sequences but this just never made any sense. Apparently there is a story and point to all this, involving a drug experiment but no, the movie just never has any good moments or a good clear idea of its own what it is doing and trying to tell. The movie is not even that weird that it starts to became fascinating or interesting in any way. It's just plain weird, without any redeeming qualities to it.

Just say no to this movie.


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