(Review originally written at 8 September 2008)

This movie always has been compared a lot to "Fargo", not just because its from the same directors but also the story and just the movie as a whole show lots of similarities. To be honest, I wouldn't exactly say that this movie is like "Fargo" at all. I wish it would had been though, since that probably would had meant that I would had liked and enjoyed the movie much better.

My main problem I had with this movie was that the story and foremost its storytelling got unnecessarily complicated at times. The movie has all the right ingredients in it to make a good and typical Coen brother's movie with but some of the ingredients are not present good enough and not mixed in well enough with all of the other ingredients. It doesn't make "No Country for Old Men" as tasty as I would had hoped and also expected. After all, this movie was the big winner of the 2008 80th Annual Academy Awards, where it won Oscar's for best movie and directing.

It mainly lacks some witty and subtle comedy. Yes, "No Country for Old Men" does obviously still feature this all but the movie just gives you the feeling if it all had been a tad bit more comical and not as serious, the movie would had been a way better one.

It's still a superior shot and made movie though from the obvious talented Coen Brothers. It foremost also really shows how acting can really make a movie. Coen brother movie characters are of course always something unusual and unforgettable and "No Country for Old Men" also truly features some unforgettable and unusual characters in it.

Of course most memorable is Javier Bardem as a serial killer with some odd weapons as choice. He deserved his Oscar. He plays his character chilling, as well as with a sense of comedy, despite the fact that his character doesn't ever show some emotion. A real great achievement from Spanish born actor Javier Bardem. But the entire movie is basically well cast with some big names such as Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Harrelson in it, as well as some unexpected choices, such as Josh Brolin and Kelly Macdonald in some roles I had never ever seen them in before but they fit and play their roles surprisingly well.

The movie is slowly build up with some long shots. It makes "No Country for Old Men" also a real beautiful movie to watch, also not in the least of course thanks to Roger Deakins Oscar nominated camera-work.

I would say; beware not to expect another "Fargo" and you'll probably end up liking this movie but if it had been a bit more entertaining all it really truly would had been one of the movies of the year.


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