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This movie begins as an incredible weak and just plain lame on. It seems like one of those sequels that add nothing to the series. In essence "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master" is also truly adding nothing but the movie really gets better toward the end, when the movie becomes more interesting to watch with its horror.

For most part the movie still remains a mess though. The storytelling in its beginning is so weak and the story itself seems to be written s some big B-movie script, with lame kind of dialog in it and some not so very original moments.

As an horror movie it's also lacking. It doesn't use its main character Freddy Krueger a lot, at least not until its ending. The movie at times also tires to pathetically put in some scare moments, that you however can see coming from miles away, since the movie isn't being a very original one and it also isn't a very well made one. Renny Harlin has never excelled in directing great movies and this movie was his first 'big one'.

The movie is basically being a direct sequel to the third movie but unfortunately the movie never become as great to watch. It uses some characters and actors from the third movie but the movie makes the mistake of killing them all basically off early on and is introducing some new uninteresting characters, which are basically all more of the same again. Story-wise the movie also doesn't have a lot to do with the third part, which makes it all the more pointless.

The movie is really lacking in some fresh ideas of its own. It's settings, characters and narrative all aren't very original or surprising ever and it at all times remains a predictable movie to watch, that also isn't being much good as an horror.

The movie does feature some nice effects in it and some of the killings are also done quite well, as had basically always been the case within the series. It's perhaps too campy to find it really gory or shocking, or anything, but it gives the movie a nice and professional look over it nevertheless.

The movie however finds its right pace to late and the movie also gets to made interesting far too late. Yet the movie its second halve prevent this movie from being an horrible one and still make this movie somewhat watchable, especially for the fans of the series of course.


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