(Review originally written at 18 December 2010)

This is one surreal and beautiful looking and well made porno-flick, that is being quite an interesting and fun watch.

There once was a small, short-lived, wave of porn movies that were made with some more class and ideas behind them, as if it was being a movie within a different and more serious genre. This resulted in some great porn classics, that are still being regarded this present day as some of the best within its genre.

What makes this movie such a great one within its genre is mostly due to the way it looks. It's a real surreal movie that focuses on the erotic dreams of a young woman. Dreams, so that means that not everything really ever makes sense and they are some quite odd, surreal moments in the movie, which are really unforgettable. It also really makes this one original and unique watch, which is also part of the reason why the movie is so fun to watch.

It's also a really well shot movie, with some nice camera-work and professional looking set, costumes and such. It all got directed by a person who didn't had any experience as a director within the porn-circuit and this movie is actually being the only one within the adult genre that he directed. Perhaps this is why this movie is so different from just any other genre attempt and why the movie really is like a breath of fresh air.

A classic within its genre.


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