(Review originally written at 17 September 2010)

This was a bit of a weird film. On the one hand I wasn't impressed by it at all but on the other I still quite liked watching it.

In all fairness; this is a pretty poorly done film. It's an obvious low-budget one, that also didn't spend too much time on a good original script or try to get some decent actors for the parts. But once the horror finally kicks in you sort of tend to forget the movie its poor writing and acting, as well as its lacking directing and editing. It simply becomes more of an enjoyable movie to watch, with also some good looking make-up effects.

But it really takes awhile for the movie to finally take off. The first half of the movie is slow but above all things completely uninteresting to watch. Guess it was to introduce it's characters and all (and it even does this very well at all) and to simply kill some time becomes the movie else wouldn't have enough material to make a full length movie out off.

It's far from a great or impressive movie but at least I could still somewhat enjoy it, during its second half at least.


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