(Review originally written at 22 December 2009)

Guess this movie never reaches its full potential but along the ride you wont be bored really and the movie does have some good moments in it.

It's a movie aimed toward teenage, in which a couple of teens have to survive after a deadly comet has disintegrated all Earth's inhabitants. Those who were not immediately disintegrated but were still exposed to the comet turn into killer zombies first. The movie of course has a pretty lame concept but the movie itself also isn't a serious one. The movie is more of a comedy than a straight-forward horror zombie flick or science-fiction movie. And this is perhaps were the movie made a mistake. The movie isn't really an horror or a science-fiction, though all of these elements could had surely spiced up the overall movie. It would at least made the movie more spectacular and memorable to watch.

Seems like it was the budget that was the foremost reason for the movie to not go all the way with its concept. Seeing all of these big desolated places in this movie also make that obvious. I mean basically all we see are empty streets, one empty car and a bunch of clothes lying around. The movie leaves a lot to the imagination and is being creative at times but it just can't conceal its obviously low budget. When you watch this movie expecting a bunch of post-apocalyptic zombie action you will get severely disappointed by this movie.

The movie tries hard to be original with its whole concept and characters which makes it all the more odd that the movie also decides at the same time to be a parody of some of these other similar type of movies.

But as a comedy the movie also doesn't even go all the way. The movie is not really one that tries hard to make you laugh but it's more one that gets a comedy with its undertones and overall style and characters, without ever becoming a ridicules one but not exactly an hilarious one either.

A decent and entertaining enough movie, that could had worked out better though and more interesting.


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