(Review originally written at 17 January 2009)

Well, the one thing I liked better about this movie, when comparing it to its predecessor, was that this movie had a more professional look over it. Because of this the movie also was more 'pleasant' to watch and easier to follow.

Yes, it made the movie and what it tried to achieve more understandable all. However this doesn't mean I liked the movie much though. The movie still remained a bad and tasteless one that uses simple and cheap gore to disgust the viewers.

It tries to set up its mood by building up things incredibly slow. It has many long, slow moving sequences and besides that the movie is also featuring sequences that just don't add enough to the movie and seem to be only put into it to disgust its viewers. How can you find some joy and entertainment in seeing a woman making love to a corpse a watch a the autopsy of a seal? I couldn't even watch that sequence since seals are my favorite animals.

As a sequel it also doesn't add enough. I mean, this movie basically features the same sort of story as the original. It has the same sort of sequences, though this movie succeeds better at it at trying to tell a story as well. Not that its much of a story though. Jörg Buttgereit tries to achieve much but succeeds at little. He also directed the original first movie, as well as some other German shockers, such as "Der Todesking" and "Schramm". He must have a real sick mind to make movies like this really and it's not like I can't handle any gore or disturbing sequences. The gorier the better really. This movie however just goes too far, even for my taste.

The acting is horrible within this movie. Just like in its predecessor they try to conceal this by giving the actors as little dialog as possible. I'm sure this movie would had been far worse when it featured more dialog, so it was a good choice really. Yes, it also adds well to the atmosphere and style of the movie, which basically prevented this movie from being a completely horrible one.

More watchable than the first movie but still mostly a movie of bad taste.


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