(Review originally written at 6 September 2009)

As far as these type of '70's action guilty pleasures go, this is simply among the best. It has a well told story, with some nice characters and actors that are portraying them.

It's hard to imaging how this movie would had been without Charles Bronson in it. He played in lots of movies like this from the '70's, till his death in 2003. He often played the same sort of characters in these type of movies. Proud, hard working and tough but honest men, who get in a dangerous situation with the wrong people.

In this case Bronson messes with the wrong man; Hit-man Frank Renda played by Al Lettieri, who received lots of fame during the '70's, for playing in movies such as "The Godfather" and "The Getaway". With his looks, he was a great movie villain, who unfortunately died way too soon in 1975, only one year after his appearance in this movie. But besides his looks he also really was on fine actor. He started out acting at a pretty late age, which is a bit of shame, also considering that he died also quite young. imaging how many more great movies he could had played in and how many more great villainous characters he could had portrayed, had he started out earlier and/or lived longer.

The movie it's story is kept quite simple but still it's rather well written, despite its rather ridicules and unlikely main premise. It's clever in parts and it's not just an one subject movie. It also knows to keep its balance between its characters and it equally focuses on the good guys and gals and the bad ones.

It must have been a quite cheap movie to make by the looks of it but it doesn't mean that the movie doesn't has any action in it. For an '70's action movie it's quite action packed, with a couple of nice chases and shootouts throughout the movie. More than enough to please the fans of these sort of '70's action movies and Charles Bronson fans.

That movie that showed that there is better not to be messed with Charles Bronson's melons!


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