(Review originally written at 16 November 2008)

The movie has the right intentions and the right talent is also definitely involved but yet it all does not work out as completely successful as it could had done.

Perhaps you can wonder if this movie wasn't a little over-ambitious. It tries to put way too much into the movie and its filled with many different supernatural things and elements. It's a bit incoherent and you can often wonder what the one thing has to do with the other. This is also because a lot of things within this movie remain unexplained. It works out good for the mystery and overall atmosphere of the movie but when none of it reach a satisfying enough conclusion it starts to work against the movie. The movie is in constant motion but it doesn't feel like it's progressing. At the start of the movie we know and understand just as much what happened as we do at the end of the movie.

Still its story and concept in particular is good enough to keep your intention till the end and director Mark Pellington is obviously a capable director, who knows to handle the genre but just didn't really knew to keep control of the movie its story. The story should had made some more choices but instead it decides to have a little bit of everything in the movie, with as a result that just nothing works out as well as it all could had done.

It's not really the type of movie you would normally expect to see Richard Gere in but he fits the part really well. It was good to not see him for a change in a middle-age chick flick, or overly moralistic themed and dramatic movie. It's not necessarily a 'typical' Richard Gere movie. He's real good and convincing as the movie its likable main 'hero', you can also care about. The movie also features some fine other actors but they get more pushed to the background of the movie because of the reason that the movie its story is so overfull with all kinds of things.

All in all, yes it's a watchable enough movie for when you're bored or for on a rainy night but the movie is just not as great as it potentially really could had been. Genre fans will probably still enjoy it best.


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