(Review originally written at 25 October 2008)

This movie really seemed like one with a big cult potential. It had the right concept, the right characters and the right approach and style for that but yet "Motel Hell" doesn't really work out as an entertaining cult B-horror flick because simply not enough good or interesting is ever happening within this movie.

Of course it's not a movie to take seriously and of course the movie is more of a dark and spoofing comedy than a gory horror flick really. I however just couldn't really enjoy watching this movie, due to a dragging pace and long parts within the movie in which nothing is ever happening. Surely they could had put in some more blood and gore just for the fun of it and to spice up things a little, now couldn't they? Instead now it's just merely a semi-funny and entertaining movie with good intentions. I was quite frankly expecting to enjoy this movie, since it seemed like the type of movie I enjoy watching but it instead turned out to be a disappointment.

I missed the gore, I missed the real fun, I missed a good and steady entertainment value. The movie had really potential but it instead chooses to drag on for far too long without ever really paying off with either its comedy or horror. Can I have my money back now?


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