(Review originally written at 27 February 2008)

This first movie "Mimic" already wasn't a brilliant movie but it was about as good as its concept allowed it to be. Plus it had Guillermo del Toro at the helm directing, which injected some quality into the movie. It also had a nice horror setting; the underground subway system.

This movie has one major problem; it doesn't know how to create any tension. It's build up is totally wrong. Things just happen in this movie and they happen way too quickly after each other. The movie always cuts right to the chase, which is also the reason why the movie itself is only 82 minutes short. The build up also certainly isn't helped by its at time weak editing and stupid camera positioning.

It's not like the concept of this movie is any less silly than that of the first movie but at least the first movie still somewhat worked out, since it was a fine, formulaic though fine, crafted simple piece of horror.

And no, of course having the movie set inside of a school at night is something totally different than a dark subway system. It's not the same horror atmosphere. Otherwise, the atmosphere within this movie is quite good. At least it does a decent job at re-creating the same dark atmosphere as within the first movie.

The acting is unfortunately also below par. Alix Koromzay is fine and she is also definitely helped by her looks but Bruno Campos is horrible as an extreme stereotyped New York cop. The movie also makes some odd choices with its characters. Having 2 kids walk around at the school, trying to escape the mutated cockroaches just wasn't a great idea because you just know that they are not going to get killed off for the obvious reasons.

The special effects and make-up effects on the other hand are real good. Especially when you consider that this is a straight-to-video flick. I remember that the first "Mimic" movie was quite fake looking in parts but I believe that also has to do with Guillermo del Toro's own unique style.

All in all I just can't believe that they actually made a third movie after this. Oh well, at least that one apparently has Lance Henriksen still in it.


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