(Review originally written at 7 May 2010)

It's very refreshing that this is a romantic movie with some real people in it for a change. With this I mean that this movie does not feature the most popular and beautiful Hollywood persons of its days. It lets the characters and the whole romantic aspect of the movie work out far better, as in being more realistic, likable and effective.

This movie should be far more recognizable for the majority of people than the usual romantic-drama. People should be able to connect with its characters and I also like how the movie does not attempt to let anything some better or more beautiful than it is in real life. It's a quite powerful movie, without ever getting or trying to be melodramatic. It's really not an heavy movie to watch and actually is being quite light-hearted for most of its time.

It's a real cute movie to watch, which is mainly thanks to its two main leads, who fall for each other. Both have pretty much given up on ever getting married, which was a big issue it seems back in those days. Yes, lots of aspects are being pretty much outdated by today's society standards but it's pretty easy to get into this movie and understand all of the issues that are being handled in it.

The movie is quite simple with its concept but it handles quite a few issues. You're often getting views from different perspectives. For instance Marty his friends seem to have other priorities with life and women than Marty seems to have and Marty's mother gets more and more worried that her role as a mother and woman will be over once Marty gets settled. It's not just a simple love story of boy meets girl but more as well of what happens to his surroundings when a boy finally meets a girl. His whole view and priorities in life seem to change and he needs to make some choices between what is safe for him and what he truly wants. There are lot of issues being handled in this movie, which gives the story multiple layers. Far more and much deeper than you would expect from an only about 90 minutes short movie.

The overall movie gets to made believable and likable due to especially its two leads but all of the other actors in general as well. It seemed like a perfectly cast movie to me, in which not all of the actors seem to be full professionals but this makes them all rather believable as 'real' people in this movie. Ernest Borgnine truly deserved his Oscar for his role in this movie. I have never seen him giving a better performance in anything. You really feel and understand the characters, just by often only looking at them.

It's also a really well made movie. Appearantly it was a very cheap one to make and not much was ever expected from it. Surprisingly enough it did ended up winning even an Oscar for best picture of the year and looking at all of the other nominees that year, it seems like it truly deserved it as well. The movie is greatly directed and being creative. I like some of the long shots in this movie that really seem to capture the right mood and atmosphere for its moments.

I think that "Marty" is one of the cutest romantic movies ever made.


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