(Review originally written at 22 March 2007)

This is a pretty decent attempt to mix horror with adventure. The story itself is quite solid and interesting but the way it is told at times really doesn't make this the best movie in its genre.

The movie begins promising and it takes its time to build up things. The movie remains perfectly mysterious until it becomes clear that this is a movie about cannibalism. The gloves are off then and the story rapidly becomes sillier and sillier.

The movie gets an extremely bad story-flow and some sequences just don't add up to each other. It provides the movie with some many silly laughable bad moments. Nevertheless the movie still has more than enough redeeming qualities to consider this a decent one.

The cannibalism sequences are pretty brutal and graphic to watch, though they same very random and perhaps also a bit too forced in the movie but its definitely enough and good enough all the please the fans. There also are many gruesome scene's involving animals eating each other or getting cut open by the locals. Also many of the other Italian genre elements are present, including next to its graphic sequences, lots of nudity and sex

The acting isn't much good and the dubbing is even worse. Robert Kerman thinks that he is the new Indiana Jones. Also the characters must have looked interesting on paper but don't ever fully work out in the movie, including its main villain played by Ivan Rassimov, that really showed some potential.

The settings are quite nice and they know to create a good atmosphere for the movie. Surprising to see that this movie was filmed at places all over the world (Niagra Falls, New York City, Sri Lanka). Surprising because normally Italian horror movies aren't known for having an high budget. The music on the other hand is horrible, which we are accustomed to from the genre.

Watchable enough but obviously for genre-fans only.


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