(Review originally written at 18 May 2010)

In essence, all western are of course more or less the same. They feature the same type of characters and story lines and formulaic shootouts. This is also a western, like oh so many got made of during the '50's. It's nothing special really but it also ain't exactly bad or anything. It's very watchable all, though it will over the genre fans little originality or stand out moments.

It's not the most exciting movie in terms of its action but it also really ain't a boring one. It's pretty entertaining to watch and light-hearted, as were basically all of these genre movies, made during the same era. It was from the time that westerns were not as gritty and didn't featured any blood, not even after a person got shot.

It's a pretty well written story, that has some depth but doesn't got all the way with it all. It keeps the movie entertaining but at the same time doesn't always make it very interesting, or the story compelling enough to care about what is happening on the screen and to the characters.

James Stewart never really have been a likely choice for a western but he was always good in it nevertheless. It was the third and last western he made with director Anthony Mann and it also definitely is the least of the bunch. It just isn't as fun and adventurous to watch as the other two movies they did together; "Winchester '73" and "The Naked Spur", that besides had more originality in it as well with its story and approach.

An enjoyable and good western that just isn't anything too special however.


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