(Review originally written at 6 September 2010)

"Maciste" is the first out of a long running series of movies, that span over almost 15 years. It's 15 years exact once you also count in the 1914 Italian classic "Cabiria", which features the same character Maciste, played by the same 'actor's as well; Bartolomeo Pagano.

This is one of earliest movies to feature a classic hero. I certainly can't think of an earlier movie to feature one, actually. Maciste is big and strong and having many adventures.

And that's just basically exactly what this movie is all about; Maciste getting into a whole lot of situations which allows him to show of his strength. The movie often doesn't make sense but it's still really fun to watch. The movie can be real entertaining to watch, even by todays standards.

But it's not really a movie that always flows to well. Like I said, the story doesn't always make too much sense and some moments in the movie just seem pointless. It makes this movie feel quite long as well, even though in reality it's just over an hour short.

It's not a true impressive looking but it just seems that back in those days they did not care much about impressive, expensive looks, as long is the movie served its purpose to bring some good, cheap, simple, old fashioned entertainment to its viewers. And in that regard this movie does not disappoint. I'm not saying that the movie is bad looking though, especially considering that this is an 1915 movie but it's just not a movie that features any grand sets, impressive special made costumes or wonderful looking environments. The movie is just not all about any of that.

Far from the most impressive movie of its era but it was one I really had some fun with watching.


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