(Review originally written at 19 September 2008)

Even though Lucio Fulci was not as great as for instance Dario Argento is, he has made his fair slash of good and enjoyable Italian thriller/horror flicks, better known as giallo movies. Thing all giallo flicks have in common is that they have a sick serial killer on the loose and the movie features lots of gore and sex. This movie is no different.

The movie is needlessly gruesome at times. It's definitely over-the-top but that is what also makes it very enjoyable for the genre fans. As expected the gore is very graphic and the movie features some gruesome but as well as original sequences in it. It also definitely features more sex and nudity than necessary but this is all part of the genre really and its certain appealing charm.

The story often isn't even bothering to make sense and to be honest the movie and its story feature some really ridicules moments in it. You could even call some of these moments laughable bad perhaps. Of course the idea of having a psychotic serial killer who makes sounds like a duck (I kid you not!) is already quite ridicules on its own right.

I wouldn't call this movie exactly scary and it also isn't too effective with its shock moments. But what the movie doesn't have in shocks, it compensates with its gore and other giallo redeeming qualities. Obviously the fans of the genre shall still surely enjoy this obscure movie, that had been banned in several countries for a long time and still is banned in some. Not that the movie is THAT disturbing though by todays standards.

It doesn't have very compelling main characters. The movie keeps switching back and forward between the movie its different characters and what the movie lacks is on good clear main 'hero', who is the center of the movie and actually a person you also start to care for and can identify yourself with.

Giallo fans will still get a blast out of it.


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