(Review originally written at 24 September 2010)

Like so very often is the case with older movies, the second half of the movie is so much better than the first one.

The movie begins kind of slow but once the mystery and more thriller elements start to kick in the movie becomes so much better to watch. It actually becomes a tense and effectively mysterious one. It's a movie with a nice story, that provides the movie with some surprises and an end twist.

Most people seem to love this movie because of its end twist. But I wasn't too fond of it though. In my opinion it was just too far fetched and it kind of ruined some of the other elements and plot-points of the movie, that it established earlier on. Sometimes movies have twists just for the sake of having them, without taking into consideration anything that got set up earlier. To me this movie was kind of being that way.

But it obviously didn't ruin the movie for me. It remains a very effective and well done French film. Still I would had been very interested in seeing Alfred Hitchcock's version of this movie. He lost out the rights of the novel to the film-makers of this movie but it's seriously a type of story that would had suited his special style of suspenseful film-making. Who knows, perhaps it would had made an even better movie.

But nevertheless, this remains one fine done and surprising genre movie.


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