(Review originally written at 22 July 2010)

This movie is not a great one by any means but I must admit that I found this movie to be still the best one out of the the Leprechaun sequels. It still comes nowhere close to the level of the first movie but it's a good and entertaining one on its own rights nevertheless.

This movie has nothing to do with the previous sequel "Leprechaun in the Hood", even though it's being all set in the the hood again. It has totally different characters and follows a different storyline. Its funny how all of the Leprechaun movies basically seem to make all of their own rules. The one time the Leprechaun can shape shift, the other he has great magical powers, the other he has a magic flute. It's all so totally random and disconnected from each other. It really isn't the most consistent movie series out there. All movies are also often quite different in tone and style. Also quality-wise none of the movies are really great ones but at least most of them still deliver some good entertainment. The entire series always has been more comical like than horror anyway.

With this movie it's obvious that they went for a more dark tone. Even the Leprechaun's look has changed a bit, to make him look more menacing. It's definitely the darkest movie out of the series, with also some gore in it for a change but luckily they did not make the mistake to take itself very seriously. The movie is still mostly silly, in a good and entertaining sort of way. It's a great movie to have some fun with, even though by no means the movie is a great one.

The story once again feels really weak and thin. Can't they come up with something more original? Does it always have to be about the Leprechaun hunting down and killing those who mess with his gold. The movie its story is just mostly being silly and often things just don't make any sense. It also doesn't really feel like a Leprechaun movie, since he only shows up in it after some long pauses with his absence, in between. This is a mistake lots of the Leprechaun movies made. When you have Warwick Davis as an evil and murderous leprechaun you should use him better really. The movies should always be about him, also since we just never get to care about any of the human characters within the movies.

Still the best and most entertaining sequel out of the series.


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