(Review originally written at 8 July 2010)

This was a rather disappointing first sequel to the 1993 "Leprechaun". It's not an horrible movie but it's still basically lacking in everything that made the first movie such a joy to watch.

Rather than going for a rehash of the first movie, they go on and decide to let this movie take place at a totally different place and with also new fresh faces. Of course nothing wrong with that, I wished more horror sequels would do that but in this case it just doesn't work out for the good of the movie. Letting this movie take place at a town, with the Leprechaun walking around freely is just not as compelling as letting it all take place in and around and old house, like was the case in the first movie. Besides, it's one of those sequels that is being over-written. It tries too hard to be different from the first movie its story that it starts to become even more ridicules than the first one was already. The movie its story is just far from interesting.

But oh well, at least its being somewhat fun. It's not as fun and entertaining as the first movie was, since the comedy is mostly lacking in this one but it remains fun enough to watch nevertheless. Again, this is largely due to Warwick Davis, who plays the Leprechaun character so extremely well and fun.

I wish I could say that the other characters were halve as good or interesting as he was. I just couldn't care for any of the characters, that came across as swindlers and the girl was just being one big annoying tease, who flirts just as easy with another guy. I would had dumped her within the blink of an eye, no matter how good she was looking. Besides, all of the actors portraying them weren't really much good. Most of their careers have also bled death by now.

The Leprechaun character is also doing less awesome stuff in this. There is even less gore and horror than there was in the first movie. I just wished he got to show some more of his evil in this one. That way the movie would at least had some more redeeming qualities in it for the horror fans.

Not an horrible movie but still pretty bad, especially when compared to the first. Nevertheless it remains all entertaining enough to watch, maybe just once.


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