(Review originally written at 7 July 2010)

This is of course a real ridicules movie. Just look at its concept of a killer leprechaun, chasing those who steal his gold. But the movie is all about the entertainment it provides. It earned this movie and its sequels a bit of a cult-following and made it a fan favorite. It certainly doesn't deserve its low rating on here.

The movie is not really a gory, scary, serious horror, unlike its cover might suggest. It at least doesn't put its emphasis on its horror. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, which makes it more of a fun and comedy like one, in the same style as movies such as "Critters", Tremors", "Ghoulies", "Gremlins, etcetera.

It's the silly concept that makes this movie fun but also every other element surrounding it like the characters and acting. Looked like Warick Davis had lots of fun playing the character and many people don't seem to realize what a great actor he actually is. He plays his evil, murderous character, fun and with class. His accent is great and he also gets helped by some good looking make-up effects. Jennifer Aniston makes her cinematic debut with this movie and its quite an amazing fact that so many now well known actors once made their debut in an horror film. She also really shouldn't be ashamed of it, since she does a good job in this good movie. Her comedy talent was also certainly already showing.

There is still some gore and some of the other typical horror elements present in this movie but this only keeps the movie an horror-comedy rather than purely a comedy. Everything in this is being steered toward some comedy but fans of purely horror will also still get their kicks out of it. They will enjoy this movie most likely, just like everyone else would probably do as well. I'm sorry, I just can't see how anyone could not enjoy this movie, simply for what it is.

Great fun first entry into the long series of 'Leprechaun' movies.


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