(Review originally written at 23 April 2007)

I'm sure that if this movie was being made by a bunch of amateur kids, people would be raving and hyping about this movie. This movie is with all respect also made by a bunch of amateurs but has the bad luck that this movie is taken more serious because of all the well known actors involved and the fact that this isn't a made-for-TV movie.

Honestly, did everyone expect another "Saving Private Ryan" or something? For what it is, a low budget fun and light WW II production, it's a fairly good movie that most definitely serves its purpose.

It seemed like they at first attempted to make the movie as a serious one but when they figured out it didn't worked out because of budget reasons, no doubt, they decided to give the movie a more light and entertaining approach. You really know that a movie is low budget when it constantly relies on real archive footage for some of the establishing shots and action sequences. The movie feels and looks cheaply made but still the movie works out just fine as an entertaining enough little movie.

The humor and entertainment don't always work out well because just feels weird at times but nevertheless this movie is a perfect light one to kill some time with, without making a real lasting impression but it serves its purpose well enough, as long as your expectations aren't too high.

The concept of the movie is good (though not original) but still it doesn't really work out in the story. Real problem with the story is that it focuses on too many group of people, the British who are looking for the 'treasure', a couple of rouge-Nazi's who are looking for the 'treasure' and the Americans who are looking for the treasure. The one distracts from the other and it also makes it harder to figure out who all of the characters are, what their intentions are and who the real main characters/heroes of the movie are. The characters are just too formulaic and they lack proper development. Other than that the story really isn't that poorly written, though its obviously not written by one of the greatest experienced or talented persons, which also makes the story flow not always well enough and make it confusing to follow at parts.

Amazing how many good and well known actors actually are in this movie. Obviously the concept of the movie grabbed their attention but too bad for them that the end result wasn't as good as the movie its premise. Billy Zane plays the main character, though he definitely isn't given enough screen time to let his talent shine. Michael Madsen seemed to be in this movie just for the fun of it and he plays a typical cowboy-American army commander. He goes over-the-top with his role and he seemed to have fun while doing so. Too bad that the movie felt the need to put in some female characters. I'm sorry to say but female characters and a movies such as this have never been the greatest combination. Added to that, their roles seem totally redundant, since their real purpose remains unclear.

A good enough light little WW II production to kill some time with.


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