(Review originally written at 5 January 2010)

As far as the genre goes, this movie is a decent effort but it's also lacking in some true original and spectacular moments to consider this movie a great one.

Guess that the thing that saves this movie is the fact that it isn't being too serious about things. It basically knows it has a ridicules concept and simply decides to become more of a comedy. It works, since it makes the movie amusing to watch and keeps you entertained throughout, even though not a lot is also happening in this movie. It's also a bit of an extremely short movie, so there is not enough time to let this movie drag at any points.

It's a pretty great job that they actually got so many great and well known actors together for a movie like this. Guess it's not the absolute top but these are still some names that always look good on posters.

Sort of too bad that this movie got made back in 1999. Had it been made now, with todays technology, this could had been a far more impressive movie. It's not like the movie has some bad effects for 1999 standards but it's just that if it had been made today it could had really benefited from the more advanced effects, that they were already trying to get during production of this movie.

The movie is not as exciting or tense as it possibly could had been but instead is more comical, which also works well and makes the movie an amusing and also watchable one.


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