(Review originally written at 24 March 2010)

I like the humor that the Coen brothers bring to their movies and the original 1955 "The Ladykillers" is one great and classic comedy, then why isn't this movie a good one?

I kept waiting for this movie to get funny but it just didn't ever seem to happen. The movie its humor is not goofy enough to be funny and it's also not subtle enough to be funny. The movie its humor is somewhere in between and balances constantly between these two styles of comedy, without ever going fully for any of them. The comedy of the movie really doesn't work out too well because of this. You just don't know when to laugh during this movie, since it's hard to tell when the Coen brothers were trying to make you laugh or were being more serious.

It's also due to the characters that this movie doesn't work out too well. The characters are some extreme stereotypes, that seemed to have walked straight out off a cartoon. They are over-the-top all but without being funny really. They are kind of like the characters from a Wes Anderson movie; they are all strange looking and have some weird names but they are actually doing very little funny in the movie.

Because of its unsuccessful style and approach the story also hardly works out, though it had been proved before in the original 1955 movie that the story itself is great and really humorous. Hopefully the Coen brothers learned from this and shall only write original scripts of their own and not base their work on previous written material.

With the writing they still tried to put their mark on the movie. It does have some good dialog at times but again, it just hardly works out ever funny. It often gets more annoying than anything else really.

This also really wasn't Tom Hanks greatest moment. In essence he's a comedy actor, that started out his career with movies out of that genre and I also really don't dislike him as an actor. In this movie he is just however hardly being Tom Hanks but more a silly talking character. There are also lots of other great actors in this movie, that just don't get used very well, due to it's poorly written comedy script.

But it's a Coen brothers movie, so it still has a good style and look over it. I also never really hated watching this movie but I just never got entertained by it either. I was just constantly waiting for the movie to finally take off and become a good and funny one. It just never happened though.


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