(Review originally written at 28 January 2007)

Oh man, this movie came very close of actually boring me to death! I couldn't even manage this finish watching this movie in one time.

My hopes were high. The premise sounded so silly and bad that the movie was bound to be entertainingly bad and fun to watch, typical Jesus Franco stuff. I mean Nazi-zombies? How could this not be entertaining? It however really isn't. Nothing happens in this movie which makes it a total bore to watch.

On top of that, its a very poorly made movie. OK perhaps I should have known better. Jesus Franco, in 53 years of film-making experience, has never managed to make a well directed movie. Always technical flawed, never a good story-flow and overall worse than poor performances from the actors. Truly the worse director of all time, who still refuses to give up directing movies. At least Ed Wood still showed some passion and love for movies in his directing. Keep trying Mr. Franco, I'm sure one day you'll direct your "Citizen Kane".

Really has he never heard of a focus-puller. All of the zoom-ins are so incredibly blurred and bad looking. All of the dialog and sound were also obviously added later into the movie. The dialog sounded as if it was recorded in a garage and I wouldn't at all be surprised if it turned out it was.

But no, the technical aspects aren't the worst thing about the movie. I mean, it's not the reason why it's such an incredibly boring movie to watch. They did absolutely nothing with the movie it's premise, that in its core still was decently entertaining enough. The zombies get nothing interesting to do in the movie, until the ending, that however is so poorly done that it becomes rather ridicules and absolutely horrendous to watch. I have yet to watch a Franco movie with an ending that is good and works out.

If I had to say something positive about this movie, it would be the make-up effects for the zombies, that seemed pretty well done. Too bad about everything else really...


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