(Review originally written at 2 February 2010)

This movie is quite well known and appreciated in certain circles, due to the fact that it's a bit different from the usual zombie flicks and has some eerie great shots of the Templar knights riding their horses in slow-motion. Is it a great movie however? Sorry, I really don't think so.

Like of course basically all movies of this sort, it's a quite ridicules one, of which you don't have to expect a believable or well written story. This movie its story is however also quite messy and keeps on introducing some totally unnecessary characters.

On top of that, it also isn't really a very exciting movie. Really not a lot of horror or zombie action in this one. It takes away for the first killing to occur and after that, when you expect the movie to pick on some more pace, the movie remains a slow going one, in which little interesting is ever happening. Yes, this movie slow approach helps to make the movie a different one but it doesn't make it a great one unfortunately.

The movie still has a more than great concept though, in which blind Templar knights come back to live at night, at an old ruin, to hunt. Sounds more than enough great material already to make a decent zombie flick out off. And while the movie is decent, it still all gives you the feeling that the movie is also some wasted potential, that could had been so much more to watch. It could had been more exciting and fun all. The movie its only excitement now comes from the moment that the knights are riding their horses in slow-motion. It's a great sight, that adds to the overall good atmosphere of the movie. The zombie knights themselves are also quite good and convincing looking.

I also liked the music quite a lot, which also added to the atmosphere.

Really not the greatest or most exciting genre movie out there but it has some redeeming moments.


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