(Review originally written at 27 January 2010)

Despite the fact that I wasn't too captured by the movie its story-telling, that was quite old fashioned for 1946 standards, it still is a great made movie, helped to make believable- and work out due to the obvious talents of the people involved with the making of this movie.

First of all the movie did a really great job with looking and feeling like a real fairy tale. There are lots of magical moments in the movie. They spend lots of time on the movie its look and it has some great looking sets and costumes in it, as well as some good and convincing looking make-up for the Beast character and some innovating movie tricks for its magical moments.

It makes it all sort of all the more too bad that they went along with this particular style of storytelling. The movie gets told like a stage-play, with some slow moments in it. It's something the French were great at during the '30's and even earlier in cinematic history but for an 1946 like this one it just feels too old fashioned. I'm sure they could had got more out of the story if they went along with a more 'modern' style of storytelling for the movie its tale.

It's a beautiful movie to look at but it's just lacking a bit of heart and soul at times. For instance they never really make it clear in the movie why and when Beauty and the Beast suddenly start to feel for each other. I feel very little love in this movie, which is one of the movie its missed opportunities.

But still the movie manages to remain a more than great one. It is simply far too well made for that and obviously had lots of talented people involved in front but also mostly behind the cameras.


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