(Review originally written at 26 September 2008)

To be honest I expected to really love this movie, since it seemed to feature all of the ingredients needed to please me; Gore, violence and this all done in a typical Japanese manga style. However "Koroshiya 1" is a mess of a movie and more than halve of the time I really didn't knew what I was watching. It's confusing, odd and just not entertaining enough in all, to watch.

Takashi Miike is a real cult-director but I guess his work is just not my kind of thing. I doubt if I'm even willing to watching more movies by him now. The movie is good looking and yes also well directed, as weird as it might sound for a movie that I didn't liked watching at all. However some good story telling is a whole different thing and Miike doesn't seem to really handle this directing discipline well.

The movie has a true unique style of its own and it mixes bold action with humor. It's filled with some real gruesome sequences and the movie literally features gallons of blood (as well as sperm). It will please the gore fans as well as the fans of Japanese manga. The movie is also based on a comic by Japanese artist Hideo Yamamoto.

For me the movie was just almost completely unwatchable for the mess that it was. However I know that there are people who can appreciate this movie and it's style, so simply go judge for yourself whether you like it or not. It's really a matter of taste. If the movie still feels 'right' for you after 10 minutes in, keep watching since it will definitely be your thing. Or else just switch it off, like basically I should had done as well...


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