(Review originally written at 29 July 2008)

Well, you know you shouldn't really take this movie seriously, as soon as you read the movie its title. As long as you don't take anything about this movie too seriously, you will surely have a good and fun time watching this, just like I did.

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space" of course features a ridicules concept in which aliens who happen to look like clowns come down to Earth, to kill and terrorize. The movie just simply doesn't bother to try to make sense with its story. It's basically a fun and deliberately ridicules B-movie, that mixes comedy, horror and science-fiction.

But it's an '80's movie, so the special effects aren't much good unfortunately. Luckily the killer klowns are better looking. I don't know, they just have a certain look over them that just makes them look great. They are not simply actors with clown make-up on, it are complicated big masks (after all, it are aliens), with no doubt also some animatronics in them for the support of certain facial expressions.

It's obvious Stephen Chiodo is no great director. No doubt his brothers, who served as writers and producers on this film also helped him out though. The Chiodo brothers are best known in Hollywood as puppet makers, masks makers, creature designers, puppeteers and whatever more. They worked on some big productions in their career and they obviously know what they are doing. Luckily they don't bother with directing movies anymore, for the directing and storytelling for this movie is simply just lacking.

It's nothing too great, impressive or memorable but it simply is some good simple fun to watch.


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