(Review originally written at 23 January 2007)

It's a well made and constructed movie that entertains and again perfectly blends several styles into one unique movie

Unfortunately the movie is not as good as "Kill Bill: Vol. 1". "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" was a way more entertaining because it was way more crazy mixture of style and because of that also very unpredictable and overwhelming. "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" spends more time on the story development and the emotional aspects of it. It perhaps makes "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" a better constructed and build up movie but I still prefer the more entertaining approach of "Kill Bill: Vol. 1". In that regard "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" perhaps was a bit disappointing to watch but in this particular case that doesn't mean it was a bad movie.

"Kill Bill: Vol. 1" mostly mixed Asian cinema styles, "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" mostly uses a Western style. Of course the story alone of taking revenge always has been a popular generic concept for Westerns. The movie also uses some of the genre camera techniques and editing tricks and even adds in some cheesy dialog when two characters are standing across each other, ready to kill. Quentin Tarantino obviously did his homework again but what can I say, Western just isn't my favorite genre. Its style also makes the movie slow at times, so please don't expect another over-the-top going, non-stop spectacular, visual, gory, action spectacle that "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" was. Of course "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" also still features lots- and over-the-top action but it just didn't impressed as much, due to the different style and approach.

The movie features some great acting and dialog. Yes, this movie does feature some great typical Tarantino's dialog at times. Something I really missed in "Kill Bill: Vol. 1". Also the movie as whole, in terms of its style and build up, is perhaps more 'Tarantino-like' than "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" was. The story, again, is for part told non-linear and this time that style works out fully, unlike in "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" sometimes wasn't the case.

David Carradine is really superb as Bill! What a comeback for an actor! The same goes for Daryl Hannah by the way, lets please not forget her. David Carradine really steals the show in the movie and at times he even puts the main character, played by Uma Thurman, in the shadow. Also Michael Madsen was great and so was Sid Haig in a small but amusing role. The Samuel L. Jackson was also one of the highlights of the movie.

The movie is amazingly good looking and has a good visual style, also with the help of Robert Richardson's cinematography, obviously. Tarantino again successfully succeeds at mixing several styles of film-making into one unique great movie, with an own great one of a kind identity. Mission accomplished Mr. Tarantino!

There isn't as much blood spilled in this movie but yet the action does not disappoint. Like I said before, the emphasis of this movie is more put on its story and characters, rather than its action but still the action works out greatly in the movie. The movie features some highly memorable action sequences and also the ending does not disappoint.

A really great and unique movie, that could had been more entertaining and perhaps also better, had it been made more in the style of "Kill Bill: Vol. 1".


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