(Review originally written at 17 October 2007)

People purely seem to praise this movie for its comedy but if you start comparing the humor in this movie to other genre movies from the same period you must admit that this movie isn't among the best. However the movie does deserve all the praise for its sweet and great written story and its creativity, which is the reason why this movie is a '20's comedy must-see.

This movie doesn't really distinct itself with its humor or timing but it does so through its solidly written comical story.

I wasn't all taken by the movie its comedy. The timing and the slapstick elements aren't the best example of the particular time period and also most certainly so wasn't the directing, that was even below average in parts. There was lots of running and jumping but quite frankly it didn't all made really much sense at times. I prefer a Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton or Laurel & Hardy movie over this everyday. Thank goodness that in the end the movie still turns into a great and fun slapstick. Of course in between the movie also features some great, creative and fun moments.

The story is just great and solid. Something that really wasn't common for '20's comedies. It's a sweet story that knows to create a balance between the silly humor and the romantic aspects of the movie. It are the romantic aspects that really makes this a sweet and irresistible movie to watch.

I liked it, though for other reasons than its comedy.


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