If you have to give Kevin Smith one thing it is that he with his movies has proved that everybody can be a successful indie director when really putting your mind to it and throwing yourself into the field. He is a real great inspiration and somewhat of a role model for aspiring young new film-makers. It's definitely impressive to see what he has achieved already so far but that just doesn't make me a fan of his work as well.

With this movie, Kevin Smith is doing what he knows best; being a geek and being proud of it. He makes lots of geek references in this movie, both with movies and comics. It's however one thing to make references, it's a totally different thing to be clever, original and funny with it. In this movie he has some hits and misses with that but overall the movie is being far too simplistic with its story.

The humor of the movie is mostly very immature (yes, there are even fart jokes in it) and this movie is obviously not one to take serious, since it defies all logic. This is of course an OK thing for a comedy to do but it seemed to me that the story was being far too simplistically written and could had basically been written by any random geek, attempting for a first time to write a movie and put as many geeky stuff in it as possible. This goes for the story, as well as for most of its jokes and references. It's just not really a movie that really made me laugh. It instead more often made me cringe.

Having said that, I do have to admit that the movie has some really great dialog in, which still uplifts this movie.

It's a movie that is not only handing together from its references but also from its many cameos. I don't mind cameos as long as they somewhat serve a (comical) purpose and there aren't too many of them. In this movie there are obviously very many, which can get really distracting at times. Some of them are good and fun and do work out though, though that all is still really a matter of taste. I mean, some people will find the Will Ferrell part bad and annoying, while others (like myself) probably find it to be the most funny thing about the entire movie.

Not really a good or funny movie by my taste and judgment, though I can still see that this movie might be really 'the' thing for some people.


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