(Review originally written at 30 October 2009)

It's amazing the stuff they think they can get away with. "Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI" is again a sequel with little story to it, even though it tries to bring in some originality again by changing the settings and of the movie and don't just restrain it to one location.

For this movie Jason makes his reappearance again, after his absence from the previous movie as the movie its main killer. In this movie he's more monstrous than ever before and also his killers are perhaps more brutal than ever. His portrayal and appearance are great, though it still is a weird fact how randomly he always picks his victims in the movies. It has nothing to do with revenge anymore, as was still the case with at least the first two entries of the series. Now he's just killing for fun and it doesn't matter how old you are, what you do or how you look, you're just death when Jason is around. Horror-wise this just doesn't work out as anything to tense or scary.

This movie sort of continues on the same trend as the previous sequels. It doesn't care about its story really and they think it's more than enough to simply put in as much killings as possible, unfortunately also again with some lame attempts at humor added to it. There is of course far more needed to make a good and above all also original horror movie with. Within its franchise but also within its genre "Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI" that adds little and doesn't impress much on any fronts, though its gore and effects are all being quite good to watch.

It's also silly how the Friday the 13th series always seems to ruin its own potential. This is the second time already that they let the Tommy Jarvis character go to watch. In the previous two sequels within the series it was already implied that Tommy was going to be the next psychopathic killer but every time when a new sequel gets released he's being the good guy again, as if nothing had ever happened at the end of the previous movies, in which it showed Tommy as an evil character. It really goes at the expense of the continuity of the series, especially when you're watching the movies back-to-back.

The movie doesn't even really try to be a great one. It simply seems to accept the fact that it isn't being renewing or original within its genre or even within its series of Friday the 13th movies and tries to compensate this by simply putting some graphic and brutal killings by the still greatly portrayed horror icon Jason Voorhees.


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