(Review originally written at 13 November 2009)

This movie is a kind of a mixed bag. It's unlike any of the other previous Friday the 13th movie entries, meaning that it's being different and original but not all of the changes in the formula are for the good of this movie.

For instance it was a bad idea to let Jason's spirit sort of live on in whoever he possesses. This means that the character is being portrayed by numerous different persons this time and the movie doesn't have much of the iconic and recognizable Jason Voorhees character in it. Kane Hodder had always been a awesome Jason in the most recent entries before this movie, so it seems like a real waste to not use him more.

It has more story than the usual random Friday the 13th movie entry but the story isn't always much good though. It's just being a bit ridicules at times. It's also just being far from the ultimate Friday the 13th movie that you are hoping for, knowing that this is the movie in which Jason will finally die and go to hell were he belongs.

What was good was that the movie was finally trying to uncover Jason's past and 'what' exactly he was. The previous movies simply never bothered with this and were all about Jason randomly killing a bunch of teenagers. Not that the movie is being fully satisfactory with this all though, as if most stuff revealing things about how he got to be the evil murderous characters were cut out of the movie later. There are some small hints at times but it just never gets fully explored.

The movie also used some great looking effects, to enhance the movie its gore. It's really one of the more gory Friday the 13th movies out there, that features plenty of bloody killing and other gory looking moments.

It's a really different Friday the 13th movie, that makes some good changes but also makes some horrible choices along the road, making this a real mixed movie.


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