(Review originally written at 30 June 2008)

Sorry to say but this movie is just a bit too overrated. Especially Capra's directing is disappointing, since it's done in such an extremely old fashioned manner for 1934 standards. Surprisingly enough he still won an Oscar for his directing of this movie though.

It's definitely an entertaining enough movie to watch. These type of movies were the romantic comedies of the '30's, the sort of Cameron Diaz and Asthon Kutcher flicks of their time, only done with more class and better actors involved. Nevertheless it's just as clich├ęd and predictable though. Dozens of these type of movies got made in the '30's and quite frankly I just can't see what it is that makes this movie a better one than any of them.

It's a boy meets girl story and of course they can't get along at first but slowly begin to like each other better and more. What makes this movie its story more special is its adventurous elements being thrown in. It's a movie that involves lots of traveling and therefor also many different characters, which mainly gives the movie its adventurous feeling, without ever really getting a big adventure.

More fireworks was to be expected, especially from Frank Capra's directing. It's just too formulaic and at times even just plain poor. It's way too old fashioned for 1934 and it's one of those typical movies that features long close-ups for the dramatic moments. It's a very static made film, as if it was just a job that had to be done and no real passion was thrown into it.

As could be expected, the acting is still great though, from Clark Gable and the much more unknown Claudette Colbert. They were good together and luckily shared some good chemistry, which made the movie all the more fun to watch. This was actually the movie that earned Clark Gable his only Oscar out of his career. Ironicly enough non of the actors really enjoyed starring in this movie and also lots of well known actor turned the script down and Claudette Colbert, who also received an Oscar for her role in this movie, even didn't took the trouble to attend the award ceremony at first, until hearing upon her win.

Yes, I know I'm making the movie sound horrible, which it really isn't. It's basically a movie I enjoyed watching but is no way worthy of this currently high rating on here. There are way better genre movies and Capra movies, with a much lower rating on here though.

There are better and more interesting Capra movies to watch out there, which does not mean that this movie is an horrible one though.


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